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Re: Rooks cooperate to get treats

So do budgies. I just now watched one hop to another perch instead of flying, having spent a full minute calculating the hop. Now, he could have flown alot faster. Grin! Of course, having observed that they like to do that, I've got perches arranged at suitable intervals along most of the height of their flight cage at both ends. They've got ladders to climb, though they also like to climb the vertical bars on their cage. They can even transfer between swings by swinging like a monkey. Not to mention climbing across the top upside down, and hovering vampire-style over the bird whose swing they want.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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Tree creepers. Steller's Jays. The jays climb trees close to the trunk by
hopping - Name anything some other animal can do and there is probably a bird
that does it.

- Sylvia Hope

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Personal observation (in N Florida, mid-December): two owls in dimmest pre-dawn light, working their way up a gum tree in a swamp, leaping from branch-to-branch.

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