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RE: Theropod Skin Impression

There is a small patch of skin preserved on the foot of "Dave," the
_Sinornithosaurus_.  See Figure 4b:
The distribution of integumentary structures in a feathered dinosaur
Qiang Ji, Mark A. Norell, Ke-Qin Gao, Shu-An Ji, Dong Ren
Nature 410, 1084 - 1088 (26 Apr 2001), doi: 10.1038/35074079, Letters to

There is a photo of a _Carnotaurus_ skin impression cast in Currie and
Padian's _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_, page 674, figure 11.  There is another
photo of a _Carnotaurus_ skin impression on page 19 in _Dinosaurs All
Around_ by Caroline Arnold.

Contact Stephen Czerkas.  He probably has dozens of high quality photos of
_Carnotaurus_ skin. 

Dino Guy Ralph
Docent at the California Academy of Sciences
Dinosaur and Fossil Education
Member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology