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Re: Paleogene Titanosaurs in South America? Paleogene ammonoids in the Persian Gulf? Not quite, but analogous...

evelyn sobielski writes:

Does anyone know the phylogenetic placement of
Corystospermales? I think "seed ferns" are nowadays
assigned to 4-5 different lineages, 1-2 of which
is/are in the gymnosperm-angiosperm clade.

At least three 'seed fern' lineages appear in Early Cretaceous deposits in southern Australia (Pentoxylalean, Bennettitalean, Corystosperm) ranging from 142 to 115 MYA.

I'm not surprised to see Stephen McLoughlin's name at the start of the list of authors:
He's done a lot of great work on the Mesozoic flora of S.E.Australia over the years.


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