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"Britain was dinosaur heaven 140m years ago"

The Sunday Times, April 13, 2008
"Britain was dinosaur heaven 140m years ago" by Chris Gourlay 
"BRITAIN  was one of the worldâs original Jurassic Parks, according to the 
first attempted  'census' of the countryâs dinosaurs. Researchers have 
identified 108 species  found since the first discovery was named in 1824 and 
that the variety  of creatures make Britain an important area for dinosaur 
"The high concentration of species may have been the result of Britainâs  
position as a land bridge during the Cretaceous period 140m years ago. 
spread along it between the land masses which are now Europe and North 
" 'Weâre probably in the top five places in the world for concentrations of  
dinosaurs,' said Darren Naish, a vertebrate palaeontologist at Portsmouth  
University and one of the researchers who carried out the study."


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