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Re: tweet-tweet

evelyn sobielski writes:

If they are used to denote major shifts in ecological
niche/ecomorphology, they are not arbitrary and
actually quite useful - as they will then also denote
a major shift in *how* evolution acts upon a lineage.

I get the impression that crocs are called reptiles mostly because of their sprawling gait and ectothermy - both of which appear to be secondarily re-aquired. Lumping crocs in with other reptiles inevitably drags the rest of the archosaurs in with them - even if they don't live up the sprawled-gaited, ectothermic stereotype.

Perhaps archosaurs deserve a class of their own? How about redefining Aves to include the most recent common ancestors of birds and crocs? That'll set a croc among the pigeons... :)


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