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Re: the birds and the bees and the reptiles and the dinos

--- hammeris1@bellsouth.net wrote:

> This whole discussion shows an urgent need for you
> all
> to do as we did in my discipline on the "is Pluto a
> planet?"
> question - have a conference and knock this one out,
> yea or nay.

LOL. I suggest the Marine Corps provide security...

Also, I would like the opportunity to sell tickets
(and perhaps pay-per-view).


> And then get the public school K12's a note ASAP
> until the texts
> can be revised.  Collegiate level is handled, but
> kids
> are being instilled with what appears to be ideas
> that are no longer
> "mainstream" at all (while the connection of birds
> and dinos is definitely
> covered to a greater or lesser degree.)