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RE: "Biblically Correct" Tours at DMNS

I hope you get some major royalties - maybe
enough to bankrupt a local creation society.

Glen Ledingham

--- Brian Baziak <baziak@hotmail.com> wrote:

> It seems that the Museum of the Rockies can now
> join this illustrious
> group. This weekend one of our docent visited a
> creationist conference
> in town, and they were selling a book called "A
> Creationist's Guide to
> the Siebel Dinosaur Complex." Haven't gotten
> much of a look at it yet,
> but it seems to be mostly the usual stuff. An
> interesting part is that
> they didn't get permission, let alone pay the
> licensing fee, to be able
> to publish the photos in these books and sell
> them. The more telling
> part is that it was published under a
> pseudonym, with no information on
> who made the book or how to contact them.
> There's another talk this
> weekend, and I'm going to try to get 1 or 2
> more. Then we can make
> available at the front desk a point by point
> rebuttal for anyone who
> wants one. Maybe this may get more people in
> the museum, and maybe a
> few of them will see the light of our side. At
> the very least it should
> mean a little increase in attendance. 
> I guess we must have started to scare them.
> Brian Baziak