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correct this "definition"

Dougal Dixon writes in his encyclopedia "Complete Book of Dino's":

The ruling reptiles are characterized by:
* the number of bones in the skull
* the presence of a flange on the upper arm bone that held powerful muscles
* three or fewer finger bones in the fourth finger
* Three or more vertebrae fixed to the hip bones
* a hole rather than a socket in the hip for the leg bone
* a small ball-like head on the thigh bone
* a strong joint between the foot bones and the bones of the hind leg

        Note he has this on his dinosaur classification / tree page,
but aren't the "ruling reptiles" the archosaurs?   Anyway, if some of
this is contrary to the current thought on what makes a dino a dino,
please point it out.  This came out in 2006 and is the most current 
dino book I've picked up out of the 20 or so I have.