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ISPN Meeting: Second Circular

(apologies for cross-posting)

I don't think this has been announced on VRTPALEO or the DML yet, but
the second circular for the Third Meeting of the International Society
for Phylogenetic Nomenclature is now available on the ISPN's website:

    (the top news item links to the PDF)

>From the circular:

    "This meeting is an opportunity to discuss topics that pertain
directly or indirectly to
    phylogenetic nomenclature in general, as well as the International
Code of Phylogenetic
    Nomenclature (PhyloCode) and the Companion Volume in particular.
In addition to
    providing a forum to contribute oral and poster presentations,
this meeting will also
    include plenary talks by invited guest speakers. This meeting is
organized in close
    collaboration with the International Society of Protistologists
(ISOP) and the
    International Society for Evolutionary Protistology, which are
hosting the joint Protist
    2008 meeting, at the same venue, from July 21 to July 26, 2008."

The deadline for abstract submissions and for early registration is May 15.
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