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Be The Dinosaur museum exhibit: YouTube previews


The first 3 videos are preliminary footage from the Be the Dinosaur exhibit,
which opens in mid-May at the Louisville Science Center, and then will go on
tour elsewhere (TBA and still some open spots for interested museums).

It is a work in progress; improvements, refinements are constantly being
added in both graphics and technology - and will constantly be added during
the lifespan of the exhibit.

The latest one is pretty cool: they did a 'mockumentary' a la 'Wild Kingdom'
(I know, that dates me...) where they sent a virtual camera into their AI
simulation and investigated what the dinos were spontaneously doing...

(blame me for the filaments on the tyrannosaurs)

>From the producers:
"We are seeing REALLY interesting behaviors now.  They seem to be
spontaneously grouping together and such (with a limited but flexible AI
system that assigns basic drives and needs and some universal information
that any animal that would know about its environs).  In fact,  as I'd hope,
the intermeshing of all these simple rules are beginning to produce really
interesting animalistic behaviors and now we need to push them more towards
what we think dinosaurs may have actually done."