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Re: Source of KT asteroid

Well seems like the new season of The Universe is current. The show has pretty good graphics of the collision and the development of the Batista Collision Family. The episode is entitled "Impacts."



Richard Cowen wrote:
From the week of September 7, 2007. The source of the K-T asteroid.

The paper is in Nature, so it won't be generally available on the Web. It is a terrific paper. Assuming the orbital mechanics and computer programs are done properly, the authors identify the KT asteroid as most likely a member of a family of asteroids formed in the Jurassic as a result of a major collision in the asteroid belt, that were then spread out into the inner Solar System over the next 100 million years. The crater Tycho on the Moon may have been formed by another member. As Claeys and Tagle mention in a commentary (also in Nature), it is spine-chilling to think that the dinosaurs were doomed before most of them had even evolved! There will be discussion and LOTS of empty speculation, but unless the foundations of this paper are flawed seriously, it will become a classic. Instructors in History of Life courses should make sure they understand the outline of the story: it's accessible to and should be fascinating for undergraduates.


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Article by Ron Cowen (no relation) in Science News

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