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Re: No Mesozoic rainforests? (resaid)

Forgive me, but I felt my tone was too confrontational and rude in the previous post, so let me put it in a calmer voice.

Don't worry, we're scientists, we've trained long and hard to distinguish what someone says from how they say it :-)

BTW, given how quickly things rot in the jungle, I doubt a rainforest would leave a large amount of fossil evidence for its existence, unless conditions were swampy enough (a la coastal Singapore) so that there was a lot of coal formation going on.

Or if there was a deep lake with nice sedimentation... Or just take pollen. Pollen are often found in marine sediments, and if they all come from cheirolepidiacean conifers and not from angiosperms or gnetaleans or cycads or whatever kind of conifer the broad-leafed *Zamites* was...