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Re: No Mesozoic rainforests?

> -- It can be too hot for rainforests. This happens
> when the tropical 
> evaporation girdle gets so broad that convection
> appears within it, as 
> opposed to the present situation where the air that
> rises around the equator 
> comes down on the desert girdle around 30° latitude.

We actually have a few patches of that here and there
today (though IONO if they're exactly the same
genetically). Kiritimati in the Line Islands is
located in one.

This I did not consider - that the ITC may become
globally too broad, so that the actual convergence
disappears and you get 2 monsoon belts separated by a
broad convection zone, not 2 monsoonal belts meeting
in a narrow convergence/updraft zone.

In such a case, fully humid (as opposed to
winter-semiarid) regions would require mountains.
Which again restricts the available area for (tropical
lowland) rainforest.



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