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Re: On the subject of mysterious absences...

I raised this very issue a while back on Vrtpaleo. There is a paper, the
authors escape me at the moment, in the Ancient Marine Reptiles volume
by Calloway and Nicholls that discusses this topic --- why there are no
large Mesozoic marine reptile filter feeders. Unfortunately I don't have
a copy of it, either hard or pdf.


Jamie Stearns wrote:
> If I may weigh in on a related issue, I've noticed another thing that
> would seem to be missing from Mesozoic times.
> Today's marine mammals usually include a variety of small toothed
> forms along with filter-feeding varieties. Filter feeders actually
> tend to account for the largest animals in just about any oceanic
> environment you find today.
> Yet in the Mesozoic, even the biggest pliosaurs, mosasaurs,
> ichthyosaurs, etc. are still toothy. Where are all the "baleen
> kronosaurs" that ought to show up?
> -Jamie Stearns