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RE: Source of KT asteroid pdf

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> > PS Isn't there stronger evidence for volcanism playing a 
> role in the 
> > K/T extinction now? I remember a science story about the 
> timing of a 
> > flood basalt province or some such.
> To the contrary. The timing is off.
> http://dml.cmnh.org/2003Dec/msg00092.html

Whoa there!!  While it is true that the the timing is way off for the
Chicxulub impactor to be the cause of the Deccan Traps, that doesn't mean
that degassing from Deccan Traps had no role in the extinction.

In particular, some extinction models show that disruptions of habitats from
previous phenomena are necessary to produce more severe mass extinctions. So
the role of Deccan may have been to shake things up (esp. in the marine
realm), allowing the killing blow of the impact to be even more extreme.

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