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RE: Walk The New Papers

> birds'. Here we report the largest Early Cretaceous
> enantiornithine bird

Note "early". _Avisaurus_ or _Enatiornis_ would still
have found _Pengornis_ a nice filling lunch (had they
ever met it).

As regards the phylogeny, I wonder if it might become
more stable if less complete specimens had been
included. Apart form that, nothing surprising here,
really. The base of the ornithuromorphs (as per
Chiappe) is extremely shaky. 

They seem to define Ornithurae in some way that
includes _Apsaravis_, but I cannot find such a
definition in Sereno's list (there does not seem to be
any agreement on what Ornithurae *is*, but no
definition would, according to the phylogeny here,
seem to include _A. ukhaana_, which is quite robustly
just outside the _Hesperornis_-Neornithes clade).

If anyone wants the paper, let me know.


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