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Re: Walk The New Papers

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 1:51 PM, evelyn sobielski <koreke77@yahoo.de> wrote:
>  They seem to define Ornithurae in some way that
>  includes _Apsaravis_, but I cannot find such a
>  definition in Sereno's list (there does not seem to be
>  any agreement on what Ornithurae *is*, but no
>  definition would, according to the phylogeny here,
>  seem to include _A. ukhaana_, which is quite robustly
>  just outside the _Hesperornis_-Neornithes clade).

Sereno's preferred definition is extremely inclusive: "The most
inclusive clade containing _Passer domesticus_ (Linnaeus 1758) but not
_Archaeopteryx lithographica_ Meyer 1861." This is similar to
Gauthier's (1986) original phylogenetic definition.

Gauthier and de Queiroz (2001) also had a fairly inclusive definition:
"The clade stemming from the first panavian with a 'bird tail,'
namely, a tail that is shorter than the femur ... with a pygostyle of
avian aspect ... that is homologous with that of _Aves_ (_Vultur
gryphus_ Linnaeus 1758)." (Trimmed for brevity.)

_Apsaravis_ would be considered a part of _Ornithurae_ under either of
these definitions.

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