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RE: No Mesozoic rainforests?

--- Brandon Pilcher <trex_kid@hotmail.com> schrieb:

> OK, here's a paper I discovered on the subject on
> Cretaceous rainforests:
> According to the literature cited in the paper,
> pre-K/T rainforests probably did indeed exist,
> including east of the Western Interior Seaway.
> Vegetation west of the Seaway, on the other hand,
> seems to have been more "subhumid" (I'm guessing a
> short dry season). The main study of the paper
> suggests that a certain clade of angiosperms
> exclusive to rainforests can be traced back to the
> Cretaceous

Malpighiales - also part of eurosid clade I. Includes
for example screwpines, maracuja and (in the namesake
Malpighiaceae) acerola which is one of the "shooting
star" tropical rainforest crops of the last 5 years or
so. Except if you live in tropical America; then you
probably know it well.



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