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Gilmore 1925 in all its glory

Many thanks to all of you who responded with PDFs of Gilmore's 1925
monograph on the juvenile Camarasaurus.  I was deluged with many
copies of five or six separate scans of this paper.

I've placed copies of the two best versions on my web-site:


The former is a tidy 4.7M in size, and contains astonishingly good
quality scans of the figures and plates.  The latter weighs in at 19M,
but has yet better scans of the text-figures.  It omits the plates.
So those of you who only want one copy should go for the former.

Again, thanks to all who helped.

(One day we won't have to go through this stupid process: we'll just
have one big bucket containing PDFs of every paper ever scanned, all
freely accessible from a well-known Internet site.  Not today, and
probably not tomorrow, but maybe the day after.)

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