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RE: Rapid Lizard Evo

> > Of course, the argument to be made from this, in
> some circles, will be > that evolution does not take
> millions of years to occur and this is in > line
> with a young Earth. Phenotypic plasticity is
> meaningless to the > general public and will sound
> like a scientific coverup.
> Don't worry, the type of people who believe in a
> Young Earth generally aren't so sure about that
> evolution thing, either.

It can be splendidly countered by invoking - in
addition to plasticity* - founder effects, drift, and
plain old natural selection.


* I am not sure if plasticity is really the key here.
More like within-population variation being acted upon
by the above. Or are the features observed inducible
in almost any randomly chosen individual of those lizards?

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