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TGIF fun - quasi-dino related

Back when I was a lad, I grabbed this one from those Scholastic Book Services 
catalogues they passed around in elementary school.   It's very well-written 
and entertaining - although I only have the "abridged" version - there is a 
fuller text out there somewhere but I've never seen it anywhere.


Note how he looks like the "dinosaurid" humanoid proposal.
Not bad for 1967.
Now, just how an anthropoid form evolved from such a line boggles the mind, but 
it makes for a good read.

Anyway, this race rose to civilization in the Cretaceous, and when the 
university types follow him back to his "lost city" underground, the museums 
there have 'real-life-3D' dinosaur murals that reflected the fauna of his time.

Can be found if you look hard and long enuff.