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Dinosaur skeleton images

Greg Paul has asked me to forward the following request:

   Does anyone know of reasonably high resolution DIRECT side view
   images of the complete Chasmosaurus belli skeleton 2245 (not to be
   confused with the better known but less complete 2280 C. russelli)
   before it was disassembled?

   Same for the following --

   Buitreraptor with the ENTIRE pelvis, perhaps at Chicago? 

   Tenontosaurus DOSSI 


   Pachyrhinosaurus preferably a complete individual  

   Chasmosaurus irvinensis 


   Hypacrosaurus STEBBENGERI

   Orodromeus makelai 

   A drawing of a blue whale skeleton would be nice too. 

Please respond directly to Greg (or to the lists if you think you have
something of more general interest): GSP1954 at aol dot com
(I hope you can see through the disguise on his address...)

Mickey P. Rowe     (mrowe@lifesci.ucsb.edu)