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Looking for more things

Having had such success in trawling these lists for Gilmore's 1925
monograph on the juvenile Camarasaurus, I thought I'd ask if anyone
can help me with a few more things that I'm having trouble tracking
down.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Please email me
OFF-LIST, and I will summarise what I get sent.

So I am looking for:

* Cope, Edward Drinker.  1877.  On a gigantic saurian from the Dakota
  epoch of Colorado.  Paleontology Bulletin 25: 5-10.  [The paper that
  named Camarasaurus]

* Owen, R. 1859. On the orders of fossil and recent Reptilia, and
  their distribution in time. Report on the British Association for
  the Advancement of Science 29th Meeting:153-166.

* A decent-resolution photograph or other reproduction of the sauropod
  part of Zallinger's YPM mural, as shown (in woefully inadequate
  resolution here:

* A decent-resolution colour rendition of this classic
  sauropod-in-a-swamp image:
  This black-and-white rendition is from W. D. Matthew's 1915 book
  "Dinosaurs, With Special Reference to the American Museum
  Collections" but it's captioned as "After Osborn" and I can't find
  what publication of Osborn's it was originally in.

Many, many thanks in advance to all of you who help.  I will try to
not to make a habit of this.

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