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Re: Are dinosaurs really reptiles?

Hi Mike

Let's go for a name with a bit of baggage... Sauria. Thus Archosauria and Dinosauria kind of logically follow as sub-names, when you explain to the kiddies that each group is kind of like the last, but with upgrades. Could call the squamates and testudines something, in NeoGreco-Latin, meaning "sprawly, crawly" Sauria and "shelly" Sauria. Tack on an extra prefix for sub-groups further in, so birds can be "feathery" Dino-Sauria. Etc etc etc...

Just an idea, but the current situation seems like utterly ridiculous anarchy.


T. Michael Keesey wrote:

Problem is, there's no good name for the crown group that I know of.

"Reptilia" has too much baggage. "Pholidota" was once used for a
similar taxon to "Reptilia", but now it's a clade of mammals. Maybe a
new name would be a good idea.