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Re: Are dinosaurs really reptiles?

Hi All

Jean-Michel, I would've thought that made the most sense, but teaching the kiddies about the difference between anapsids, synapsids, euryapsids and diapsids is not something most textbooks seem to do. Mind you I've read some good popularisations targetting kids and lay-people which make the distinction clear from very early on in the discussion. Usually there's a chapter "What is a dinosaur?" which clears up all the usual misunderstanding about sphenacodonts, plesiosaurs and pterosaurs. But I still have a kids book which throws *Pterodactylus* and *Dimetrodon* into the "dinosaur" bucket. Arrgh! When will "big old beastie" not be equated with "dinosaur"???


Jean-Michel BENOIT wrote:

Maybe _non-synapsid amniotes_ ?

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Let's go for a name with a bit of baggage... Sauria.

The Microsauria are a fairly large group of lepospondyls (?amphibians)... *Mastodonsaurus* is a temnospondyl (?amphibian)... *Habrosaurus* is a salamander... *Basilosaurus* is a whale... it wouldn't help that much.