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Re: Are dinosaurs really reptiles?

Hi Adam and all
I remember my first kid's book about dinos and other prehistoric beasties (I 
was ten, then). A that time, it was already explaining the differences 
between dia/eury/syna/anapsid skulls. And also explaining which "groups" 
were attached to the skull construction. So, it is not so difficult to use 
these terms even for kids or lay-people.

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> Hi All
> Jean-Michel, I would've thought that made the most sense, but teaching the 
> kiddies about the difference between anapsids, synapsids, euryapsids and 
> diapsids is not something most textbooks seem to do. Mind you I've read 
> some good popularisations targetting kids and lay-people which make the 
> distinction clear from very early on in the discussion. Usually there's a 
> chapter "What is a dinosaur?" which clears up all the usual 
> misunderstanding about sphenacodonts, plesiosaurs and pterosaurs. But I 
> still have a kids book which throws *Pterodactylus* and *Dimetrodon* into 
> the "dinosaur" bucket. Arrgh! When will "big old beastie" not be equated 
> with "dinosaur"???
> Adam
> Jean-Michel BENOIT wrote:
>>Maybe _non-synapsid amniotes_ ?
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>>>>Let's go for a name with a bit of baggage... Sauria.
>>>The Microsauria are a fairly large group of lepospondyls (?amphibians)... 
>>>*Mastodonsaurus* is a temnospondyl (?amphibian)... *Habrosaurus* is a 
>>>salamander... *Basilosaurus* is a whale... it wouldn't help that much.

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