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Re: Fwd: Are dinosaurs really reptiles? (2)

> Doesn't *Tseajaia* have an intertemporal? I'll check in a few hours.

Stupid me. Of course it doesn't. (I checked.) All diadectomorphs are famous for 
lacking it like amniotes.

> > `--+--Brouffia
> >       I'll have to pass on this one. Not yet in my data base. A pdf
> > would be appreciated.


Robert L. Carroll & Donald Baird: Carboniferous Stem-Reptiles of the Family 
Romeriidae, Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology [at Harvard] 143(5), 
321 -- 363 (27 June 1972)

Describes *Cephalerpeton*, *Anthracodromeus*, *Brouffia* and *Coelostegus*.

> > | |--Anthracodromeus
> >       [...] That pelvis only has room for on sacral vertebra.
> That's interesting, I'll check.

It's true. The same condition is found in *Brouffia*. The sacrum is unknown in 
*Cephalerpeton*, and while one sacral rib is preserved in *Coelostegus*, the 
specimen is too incomplete to tell if another was present. All three have 
unambiguous amniote skull roofs & occiputs -- this is a whole list of 
characters -- and have ventral scales (gastralia) but no dorsal ones, unlike 
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