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SV: Eoconfuciusornis

It's available online at:


Tommy Tyrberg

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Ämne: Eoconfuciusornis

Does anyone have the PDF of this:

A primitive confuciusornithid bird from China and its
implications for early avian flight Journal
FuCheng Zhang, ZhongHe Zhou and Michael J. Benton

Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences Volume 51,
Number 5: 625-639
DOI     10.1007/s11430-008-0050-3

"Confuciusornithids, lived from 120–125 million
years ago, form a basal bird group and include the
oldest birds with horny beaks. Here we describe
Eoconfuciusornis zhengi, gen. et sp. nov. from the
Early Cretaceous Dabeigou Formatio (131 Ma) in
Fengning, Hebei Province, northern China. It
represents a new and, more primitive than other known,
member of this group and extends the lifespan of this
family to 11 Ma, the longest of any known Early
Cretaceous avian lineages. Furthermore,
Eoconfuciusornis and its relatives present many
osteological transformations, such as the size
increase of the deltopectoral crest of the humerus and
the keel of the sternum, apparently an adaptation
toward improved flight in the evolution of the

Thanks in advance!


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