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Virtual Global Geologic Map to be Released to the Internet

Geological mapping gets joined up by Jennifer Carpenter
Science reporter, BBC News, July 31, 2008


âThe world's geologists have dug out their maps and are
sticking them together to produce the first truly global
resource of the world's rocks.â

Welcome to OneGeology

"OneGeology is an international initiative of the geological
surveys of the world and a flagship project of the
'International Year of Planet Earth'. Its aim is to create
dynamic geological map data of the world available via
the web. This will create a focus for accessing geological
information for everyone. Thanks to the enthusiasm and
support of participating nations the initiative has
progressed rapidly and geological surveys and the many
users of their data are excited about this ground-breaking
project. These pages provide a background to the
initiative as well as up to date information on its progress.
We invite you to explore the site and we welcome you to
OneGeology. Enjoy your visit!"


Paul H.