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Re: New theropod (or is it?) from Poland

On 2008-08-03 23:34, Christopher Collinson wrote:

The skull of this theropod looks awfully Rauisuchian to me,
especially as seen in that press release from the other day. What are
other's thoughts on this? It wouldn't be the first time a Rauisuchian
was mistaken for a theropod. Also, are these specimens from the same
formation as Silesaurus?

Considerably later than Silesaurus. They estimate the age of the stratum at 205 (+/-5) million years. As for the identification of the "theropod" as such -- well, no exact reasons have been given so far. However, some of the very same people described _Teratosaurus silesiacus_ three years ago, so I suppose they know something about rauisuchians. Also Michael Benton, who has been interviewed by Polish journalists about the Lisowice find, seems to support the identification. Of course only a published description could make things clearer.