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Re: New theropod (or is it?) from Poland

Greetings. I was one of the volunteers participating in 2007 excavations in Lisowice. The abundance of spores and pollen especially, plants, and animals, makes the daing rather certain (Rhaetian). The "dragon" was firstly thought to be either a rauisuchian or a theropod, but as the preparation proceeded, it became obvious to the workers that it's the second of these. Structure of teeth enamel and neourocranium make the case clear. Mayby the "dragon" was a bit big for the Triassic, but hey... so was it's prey (a giant dicynodont). Apart of the "Dragon", coelophysoid bones are present, as well as diverse dinosaur tracks (including "prosauropodian"). David Marjanovic is digging (just like last year) in Krasiejów, which is only about 20 km of Lisowice, he saw a more informative (more than all those media announcments) article in "Evolution", a publication of the Museum of Evolution of the Polish Academy of Sciences, so he will surely have more to say while back - my English and paleo-knowledge are to weak.
Cheers, DM