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RE: Hadrosaurs outgrew tyrannosaurs

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> Interesting work!  Here is the press release:
> http://news.research.ohiou.edu/news/index.php?item=501
> And the full paper:
> http://journals.royalsociety.org/content/t68465274748300k/fulltext.pdf

A great study, but unfortunately they have the evolutionary polarity of the
situation reversed. As I showed at SVP 2004, and at the Black Hills
Conference, and in a paper which I REAALLLYYY need to finish up and submit
(!!) tyrannosaurids are the weird ones, not hadrosaurids.

In brief: early initiation of rapid growth rate is found in ornithischians,
sauropodomorphs, basal theropods, carnosaurs, basal maniraptorans, and basal
tyrannosauroids. A delayed initiation of rapid growth rates occurs in

So it isn't hadrosaurids that evovled an early initiation of rapid growth
rates; they simply inherited it. That is not say that it wasn't maintained
for the exactly the reasons stated in their paper, however.

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