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RE: Jurassic Fight Club

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> On Behalf Of Stephen V. Cole
> Watched the episode (finally, been busy). Not a 
> paleontologist, just a fan. Some questions....
> If we have 70% of that baby T-rex, don't we have enough to 
> tell if it's the same/different as NanoT? Do we not have a 
> skull that would settle the teeth thing?

Herein lies the problem. Either Jane is a baby T. rex (in which case there
is no such thing as Nanotyrannus, since it shares many features with the
type NanoT skull) OR Jane is a Nanotyrannus, and we have no idea what a
juvenile T. rex looks like.

> I don't know that a sibling had to be there. Mother would 
> come running when she heard an only child scream, and Nano 
> might well have left as opposed to taking on Momma.

The individual fight scenarios are just made up by the writers, and were
written to be exciting.

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