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JVP volumes 1-24 on JSTOR

Yesterday my labmate discovered that all articles in volumes 1-24 of
JVP (1981-2004) are now available as downloadable pdfs on JSTOR. Not
all of them are text-searchable, but the scans are so clean that the
OCR function in Adobe Acrobat has had no problems making any of the
ones I've downloaded text-searchable. The Memoirs are also up, but are
listed as a separate journal from regular JVP.  The entire print runs
(except for the last four years) of Journal of Paleontology and its
Memoir series are also on JSTOR, but I think that has been the case
for some time.



I don't recall seeing an announcement about this (and I can't find
anything on the SVP website), so I figured I'd send a blurb out in
case others missed this too.

I'm not sure if this is the work of the SVP Publications Committee or
some other committee, but regardless, it's an excellent move that will
be greatly appreciated by many. Thanks very much to all who are


Sarah Werning
reply to: swerning@berkeley.edu
Museum of Paleontology and Department of Integrative Biology
University of California, Berkeley
1101 Valley Life Sciences Building
Berkeley, CA 94720-4780