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Re: New theropod (or is it?) from Poland

Yes, on Thursday we* all went to Lisowice OOPS Lipie ÅlÄnski**, where the
museum was opened for the public***

** After the opening ceremony, several people got very angry at Tomasz
Sulej because the National Geographic Polska article says "Lisowice",
which is the community that Lipie ÅlÄnski belongs to, rather than just
saying "Lipie ÅlÄnski". It was, in any case, not his fault...
*** Pompous ceremony with a press conference, three mayors, a priest (hey,
it's Poland), cutting of ribbons, and the like. Nice to see paleontology
is taken seriously :o)

Oh, the museum actually is in Lisowice! The brick pit is in Lipie ÅlÄskie though.

Both features occur throughout rauisuchians and never in theropods.

Isn't "rauisuchian" just a term for a grade? They don't have any autapomorphies, don't they?

Generally agree with the rest. I think we just have to wait for the
publication - more material featured, and explanations made.