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Re: Jurassic Fight Club: day and time change

Re-doing the commentary would be a good thing. Everything is so amped up no matter what animal it is.

"Microraptor was the terror of its time. Insects quiver with fear at its shrill call of endless hunger. With a maw full of teeth that act like tiny lasers (cut to strange graphics of laser like teeth) it could sever the armoured bodies of any bug that was unfortunate enough to become its prey...etc etc...

On Aug 12, 2008, at 5:25 AM, john hunt wrote:

No sign of it coming to the UK. They probably want to re-do the commentary
like they did with the US version of WWD.

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Greetings (and sorry for the cross-posting),

For those following the show, Jurassic Fight Club will be on Wednesdays at
10 pm now. History.com's schedule only shows it for this week, but it seems
that it might be a permanent change.

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