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The Theropod Database lives!

The Theropod Database is back online! Stupid UW cancelling all alumni pages it 
hosted.... *grumble*. The new address is- 

So, it's been a while, and I've continued updating the pages in the meantime. 
Most notably, most dromaeosaurids have been added- Mahakala, Bambiraptor, 
Sinornithosaurus, Paronychodon, Microraptor, Adasaurus, Pyroraptor, 
Luanchuanraptor, "Dromaeosaurus" gracilis, Ornithodesmus, Variraptor, 
Achillobator, Dromaeosauroides and Zapsalis. There's a ton of info on 
Microraptor and Paronychodon specifically. The entries for Velociraptor, 
Deinonychus, Dromaeosaurus and Utahraptor are placeholders with incomplete 
information. Also, Hulsanpes was added and unenlagiines were moved to 
Dromaeosauridae since my analyses are now recovering that. Also important is 
that Eoraptor, Herrerasaurus, Staurikosaurus, Alwalkeria and Chindesaurus were 
brought into the main cladogram (from the currently offline non-theropods 
section) based on a new supermatrix I made. That supermatrix (see here- 
http://dml.cmnh.org/2008Mar/msg00195.html) suggests I should revise other parts 
of the main cladogram as well, but
 right now I'm more concerned with getting my site back online.

Mickey Mortimer

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