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Re: JVP volumes 1-24 on JSTOR

After receiving word of the JVP release on JSTOR, I sent an e-mail through the 
SVP Q&A function online.  I have no JSTOR access, and, as an SVP member, I have 
been anticipating an online release of the pre-2000 journals.  I'm hoping that 
it's only a matter of time before those back issues are made available.  As pdf 
copies must exist for JSTOR to make them available, I'm guessing SVP now has 
the ability to put those pdfs up for SVP members.  I haven't received word back 
from SVP yet, so does anyone know of any official word on either the JSTOR 
decision or the potential posting of the pdfs on vertpaleo.org?

Adam Pritchard

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Subject: RE: JVP volumes 1-24 on JSTOR

Hopefully this means that they will be available on the SVP website soon.
Since I have no access to JSTOR and there has been the promise of making
pdf's of older issues for years now, I now patiently await the SVP site to
be filled with issues from the past....

Sadly, for me, the nearest university library with JSTOR also has the paper
issues of the JVP, so it is a bit of a non-issue for me.  My old university
might give me an alumni library access, but I know that not all universities
are that nice.

Darryl Jones  <dinoguy@sympatico.ca>

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Subject: JVP volumes 1-24 on JSTOR

Yesterday my labmate discovered that all articles in volumes 1-24 of JVP
(1981-2004) are now available as downloadable pdfs on JSTOR. Not all of them
are text-searchable, but the scans are so clean that the OCR function in
Adobe Acrobat has had no problems making any of the ones I've downloaded
text-searchable. The Memoirs are also up, but are listed as a separate
journal from regular JVP.  The entire print runs (except for the last four
years) of Journal of Paleontology and its Memoir series are also on JSTOR,
but I think that has been the case for some time.



I don't recall seeing an announcement about this (and I can't find anything
on the SVP website), so I figured I'd send a blurb out in case others missed
this too.

I'm not sure if this is the work of the SVP Publications Committee or some
other committee, but regardless, it's an excellent move that will be greatly
appreciated by many. Thanks very much to all who are responsible!


Sarah Werning
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