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Re: JFC-Bloodiest Battle ??

> Completely zorked out before it came on - so, what was this ep about
> and how was it?
It was in fact about the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry: a Morrison
predator trap. Actually, there were some strange narrative statements
(Camarasaurus couldn't lower its head?!? After I already discussed its
wide feeding envelope!!; Allosaurus preferentially going after
Ceratosaurus when there are perfectly good immobile Stegosaurs to eat?)
and anatomical errors (Camarasaurus' nostril on top of bone rather than in
the narial chamber; Ceratosaurus without its distinctive deep tail; and
can NO ONE get a sauropod manus correct [answer: no. Not Walking with
Dinos, not Jurassic Park, not JFC, not no one... :-S]; a knee-cap on the
Allosaurus skeleton graphic?). And the typical hype that one expects in a
show called Jurassic Fight Club.

However, overall I think this came out the best of any of the episodes
broadcast so far. Non-George talking heads included me, Currie, Kirkland,
Witmer, Hartman, Madsen (and maybe someone else: sorry if I forgot). Good
discussion by Witmer about predator traps, and by Currie about the
importance of taphonomy.

And despite the fact that Camarasaurus was the first sauropod known from
relatively complete material, and from many excellent specimens, I
**think** this is the first animated version of the genus for a TV show!

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