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Re: "Petey"

>>Are there any pictures of "Petey" anywhere on the web?

Reference our new juvy tyrannosaur, I'm afraid nothing is on the web
just yet but we are working on it.  I should tell you that so far all we
have is postcranial material, which is for the most part in very good
shape.  Here is what we know we have thus far;

1) right femur
2) right tibia (partial)
3) right fibula
4) 8 toe bones
5) 1st digit pedal claw
6) Astragalous 
7) 4 + ribs
8) Gastralia
9) Left Scapulocoracoid
10) Right humerus
11) Possible partial ulna
12) Possible metacarpal material
13) Three very large tyrannosaur manus claws (2 thumbs and a 2nd digit) 
** some, no doubt, will use these large claws as Nano evidence, others
will say there is an adult rex buried at the site to, yet others may say
juvy rexes go through a lot of forelimb ontogeny as the grow older.**
14) 5-6 verts (dorsals and caudals)

Overall most of the elements appear to be larger (longer, slightly more
robust) than Jane's, in the area of 10-15%.  I had submitted a student
poster to SVP only to have it rejected, along with a juvy pachy poster I
was working on with others.  It was going to be a very nice poster too,
with lotsa nice pics.  Apparently there are more important things to
present at SVP this year than new specimens.....oh well.  

Maybe it's worth a small note (writeup) in JVP or something; otherwise
I'll be talking about Petey at 2009 Paleofest.  Last bit of trivia...the
person who named "Petey" named it after his pet squirrel which he
dresses up like Batman at Halloween and has it ride his cat.   

Best wishes,