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RE: JFC-Bloodiest Battle ??

Donna Braginetz wrote:

> I caught only the second half. Turned it on in time to hear, "We now know
> that stegosaurs have as many as eight spikes." Or did he say,
> "...Stegosaurus has as many as eight spikes"? Anyway, this gave me pause,
> because I thought for sure four was the limit. Or is it four for
> Stegosaurus and more for some other genus? Somebody help me out.

Check out:

Carpenter, K., and Galton, P. (2001). Othniel Charles Marsh and the myth of the 
eight-spiked Stegosaurus.  p. 76-102 in Carpenter, K. (ed.) The Armored 
Dinosaurs. Indiana University Press, Bloomington. 

(The title says it all.)

Available here:


(Though I had trouble opening it today.)



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