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Re: JFC-Bloodiest Battle ??

On 21-Aug-08, at 11:45 PM, quailspg@frii.com wrote:

I caught only the second half. Turned it on in time to hear, "We now know
that stegosaurs have as many as eight spikes." Or did he say,
"...Stegosaurus has as many as eight spikes"? Anyway, this gave me pause,
because I thought for sure four was the limit. Or is it four for
Stegosaurus and more for some other genus? Somebody help me out.

Well it was also said Allosaurus was the largest predator of the time. Only towards the end of the show were the fragmentary remains of larger alllosaurids(Epanterias, Saurophaganax, Allosaurus maximus, whatever you want to call it). Regardless, the statement ignores the existence of Torvosaurus.
BTW, catch the part one Allosaurus headbutts/smashes the Ceratosaurus and sends it flying in the air? Didn't know Allosaurs were built for that kind of cranial blow. LMAO
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