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Re: JFC-Bloodiest Battle ??

Allosaurus, like Sinraptor and Monolophosaurus, has an exceedingly narrow preorbital region. All three are like a pair of scissors and quite unlike Tyrannosaurus with arched and fused nasals. I doubt Allosaurus was capable of sustaining great stresses, especially given the extensive pneumatic system enclosed in the narrow skull. Given the abundance of Morrison sauropods, Allosaurus might have been primarily a scavenger, rather than a predator, although that is pretty much am waving. Jurassic Scavenger Club anyone?

An open skull construction need not mean that the maximum loads are low - depending on the particular strain distribution, a kinetic skull can often take fairly substantial loads without failure. A more heavily built skull may indeed be stronger still, but I would be hesitant to assume that a more open, mobile skull morphology entails carrion feeding. Varanids, for example, have a very open skull construction, with a high degree of cranial kinesis, and yet are active predators of a range of prey items.


--Mike H.

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