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Re: Science reporting at its worst

If anyone reads this news story and can tell me what it is about I would appreciate it. Maybe this is something already discussed on these lists, but if so, this news story is unrecognizable as that discovery. Even Chinglish is more understandable than this. Yipes!

Looks pretty easy to me. Near Bernburg in northern-central Germany they believe to have found Early Triassic dinosaurs. (I bet they aren't supposed to be dinosaurs, just closer to them than to the crocs.) The "other experts" are right that this would be "of sensational importance". And finally, Germany has a long tradition of sensational discoveries starting with Archie. Bloat this to half a page, take a nice Sibbick painting of an impossible perching Archie with illogical scales on head and throat to fill in the other half, and there you are.