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Re: JFC-Bloodiest Battle ??

Given the high growth rates being found by bone studies, and the
consequent high metabolisms, the "how often" number is "days, not
weeks"; given the relatively small number of sauropods (the number might
be less than 1! 30 ton Apatosaur versus 1 ton Allosaur; the Allosaur
isn't going to eat ten times its body weight in a year, and there has to
be at least that much food on an Apatosaur

How realistic is this mass estimate? After all, it hasn't changed since the times when "*Brontosaurus*" was considered a camarasaurid. All those ancient books for children give it 30 t! Sure, *A.* was a lot more athletic than *Diplodocus*, so the 10 tons frequently estimated for the latter are probably too low, but three times that is a bit hard to believe.