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Re: JFC-Gang Killers

Quoting Amtoine Grant <rascienz@shaw.ca>:

> In the spirit of JFC, I'm going to give my absolutely true account  
> for how this occurred. A recently deceased, by either predation or  
> natural causes, Tenontosaurus is found by a group of Deinonychus.  
> They rapidly proceed to eat said Tenontosaurus when some still nearby
> members of it's "herd" abrubtly return, in the manner wildebeest &  
> other buffalo have been recorded to do. More or less surrounded, four
> raptors out of the flock perish in a sort of retaliation by some  
> furious Tenontosaurs.

Such behaviour usually only occurs if the potential prey item is still
alive. I don't think there are many animals that would take such a risk
to retreive a corpse

There is of course another scenario - a group of Deinonychus find a
carcass, begin feeding, and another rival group shows up for a share.
There is a squabble, the two groups fight, and several Deinonychus come
off second best.


Dann Pigdon
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