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South America's Top Predatory Dino Had Horns

South America's Top Predatory Dino Had Horns
Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News
Aug. 27, 2008 -- Recently excavated dinosaur bones
reveal that the most common large predatory dinosaurs
in South America during the Cretaceous period were the
abelisaurids, a group that included some of the most
well-armed and fierce-looking carnivores that ever

The new fossils -- the first-ever dinosaur bones to be
unearthed at the Marilia Formation in Bauru Basin,
Brazil -- could belong to one or more new species, but
paleontologists suspect they may be the remains of
Carnotaurus sastrei, a dinosaur that, in recent years,
has become one of Hollywood's favorite animal

"The best known and most spectacular abelisaur is
Carnotaurus, the villain in the Disney movie
'Dinosaur,'" said lead author Fernando Novas.

"It combined the horns of a bull above a very stubby
face, with forelimbs that were even shorter than those
of Tyrannosaurus," added Novas, a paleontologist at
the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences in Buenos
Aires. "Carnotaurus had a stout, muscled neck and
could swing its head with great power and fury."

He continued that the dinosaur's head and large horns
"were probably used to butt other meat-eaters away
when they gathered around a carcass."

The findings are published in the latest issue of
Cretaceous Research.

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