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RE: Alvarezsaurid arms was Re: JFC-Bloodiest Battle ??

Dann Pigdon wrote:

> Perhaps if they had a scent gland on their chest, such a close tree-hug would 
> be useful to smear it onto
> trees to mark territory. But now we're getting even further into the realms 
> of speculation.

Well, since we're already there...  :-)

Here's a wacky idea.  Maybe the alvarezsaurs were scavengers, and the stubby 
forelimbs were used to rip into large carcasses.  Alvarezsaurid forelimbs could 
be used to puncture the hides of large carcasses, by the 'hook-and-pull' 
digging technique.  Each single-clawed forelimb would act like the beak of a 
vulture.  The alvarezsaurid's narrow head (and neck?) could then be inserted 
into the hole to gobble up the rotting flesh within.  David's force/lever ratio 
might come into play here; and there would be no need for the forelimbs to be 
long to improve reach, because the alvarezsaur would be confronted by a mound 
of hide and flesh.

Yes, I know this is far-fetched.  But to me (and I know of many who disagree, 
including David) the ant-eating alvarezsaur idea doesn't quite mesh with the 
extreme shortness of the forelimbs.  If you're disturbing a nest of ants or 
termites, the last thing you need is to have an army of tiny, angry, biting 
things crawling all over you.  Having your claws positioned so close to your 
body, and your underside pressed right up against the nest, seems like asking 
for trouble.



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