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Re: Campbell's even crazier than a MANIAC?

We can ignore, for example, that in *Caudipteryx zhaoianus* the manus is even more avian-like than that of say, *Archaeopteryx* in that the third digit is so highly reduced it has lost the distal phalanx and ungual, resulting in a marvelous 2-3-2-0-0 (or 0-2-3-2-0) formula that exists otherwise only in the ornithurine radiation.

(And in *Sapeornis*.)

Note that Hinchliffe's abstract in the same volume (I've not read the paper) has a special reference to the fact that he dismisses, seemingly out of hand, the frame-shift hypothesis, or even where the frame-shift is supposed to have occured.

Well, I do think that hypothesis is wrong or at least unnecessary, but that's because of the prepollex, something I bet Hinchliffe doesn't mention... I'll read his paper sometime, though.