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Re: Archeologists Find Dinosaur Tracks in Bolivia

Sorry Janet to respond so late,
Of course the "archaeologists" were not such, only Pablo and I, just 
paleontologists from the Azara Foundation (Argentina). But you know the media. 
By the way, they are not of course the oldest dino tracks in southern 
hemisphere, only in Bolivia (about Hauterivian).
The interesting thing is that the material includes a track assemblage 
different by far from the other track sites in the area.
All the best.
Dr. Sebastián Apesteguía (PhD.)

Área de Paleontología. Fundación de Historia Natural 'Félix de Azara',
Dto. de Ciencias Naturales y Antropología, CEBBAD, Univ.Maimónides, 
V. Virasoro 732 (1405), Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Tel-fax: 5411-49051100 i. 1228, sebapesteguia@gmail.com, 

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Archeologists Find Dinosaur Tracks in Bolivia

It is believed that the tracks could be the oldest in the Southern
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

VIDEO: See more on the dinosaur tracks 

A team of archeologists from Argentina has found more than 300 dinosaur
tracks in the Bolivian village of Icla. 
Initial reports suggested the remains could be the oldest in the Southern
Hemisphere - dating back to about 144 million years ago. 
Paleontologist Pablo Gallina described the day he first saw the prints.
Paleontologist Sebastian Apesteguia has worked with Gallian on the project.

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